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Last Update:8-30-2014


Welcome to CARMA!

With over 1700 members CARMA is the largest scanner club in the USA. We support all facets of public safety and promote responsible radio monitoring.

CARMA members include police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, radio technicians, ham radio licensees and civilians, all of whom share a common interest in two-way communications.

We host quarterly meetings and get-togethers as well as occasional special events. We cooperate with public safety agencies by assisting in tracking down interference and other problems as well as sharing information to coordinate radio usage.

CARMA issues no ID cards, badges or other identification materials. We have no budget or dues, all expenses are borne by the membership.

We do not allow members to interfere with any public safety event or agency and will assist law enforcement in investigating any such problems.


Listen for and join us on WAFAR (Western Area Amateur Repeater)

146.670 (-) pl 107.2
443.600 (+) pl 114.8
446.300 simplex
CARMA simplex frequency 145.770 pl 151.4

You must have a valid FCC
Amateur radio License to
transmit on the above frequencies.

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Don't Forget to attend the next CARMA Meeting

October 18, 2014

At 11:00 am at Phillies Pizza in Willowbrook, IL

O'Hare Oasis

Don't Forget to attend the next CARMA "Friday Nighter"

November 7, 2014

O'Hare Oasis, above I-294 south of     I-90 at 7:00 PM


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