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Civil Air Patrol Frequencies

I would like to thank Ted Moran and other members for the frequencies


Civil Air Patrol Frequency Listing.
The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is involved in nearly
every missing aircraft SAR mission in the USA
Here are their nationwide frequencies:

Civil Air Patrol


CAP channels above 26 MHz
VHF/UHF radio channels & uses

AM 026.6000 Search and Rescue Mobile-to-Mobile
AM 026.6100 Search and Rescue Portables
AM 026.6200 Search and Rescue "Alpha two-six"
FM 038.5000 Aircraft Operations "FM-38"*
FM 041.7000 Aircraft Operations "FM-41"*
AM 119.3500 Aircraft Calling Channel
AM 120.8500 Search and Rescue Intersystem
AM 121.6000 Practice Emergency Beacon (ELT-2)
AM 121.7750 Practice Emergency Beacon (ELT-1)
AM 122.0000 Flight Watch Nationwide Channel
AM 122.7000 Glider Operations "Air Boss"
AM 122.8000 Glider Operations "Air Boss"
AM 122.9000 Link to Government Aircraft
AM 123.1000 Search and Rescue
AM 123.4500 Aircraft Calling Channel
FM 143.7750 Search and Rescue "VHF-775"
FM 143.9500 Search and Rescue "VHF-950"
FM 148.1250 Repeater OUTPUT (CAP chennel 2)


FM 148.1375 Simplex (CAP channel 3)
FM 148.1500 Repeater OUTPUT (CAP channel 1) MAIN


FM 148.5375 Search and Rescue (Mostly Aircraft)
FM 148.9750 Search and Rescue "VHF-975"
FM 149.5375 Search and Rescue ("High-Bird")
FM 149.9000 Primary Packet Channel
FM 149.9250 Secondary Packet Channel*
FM 163.1250 Flight Line Operations*
FM 163.1500 Flight Line Operations*
FM 419.6375 Urban Search and Rescue
FM 419.6875 CAP Urban Point-to-Point
FM 419.9875 Low-power Point-to-Point*


1) A Star (*) indicates that that frequency is not
active in all states, or may be shared with another
NTIA Government-band user.

2) Most CAP units are equipped with radios that can
operate on frequencies outside the government bands.
For example: a CAP aircraft may have a CAP radio, a
137-174 MHz VHF-FM radio (used to talk to other
SAR agencies) and a VHF-AM radio. The VHF-AM radio
would cover 118-137 MHz, this way the aircraft can
talk to other aircraft that only have standard VHF-AM
aircraft band radios (usually on the 120.85, 122.90,
and 123.10 MHz search and rescue frequencies.)

3) Most CAP vans and trucks have radios that operate
in the 143, 148, 149 and 163 MHz segments only, so these
are by far the most active of the channels.

4) CAP and NTIA have just begun installing the new
26 MHz AM radio gear in CAP vans, so right now, there
is very little activity on those channels, as well
as the 419 MHz channels.

From Ted Moran:

.371 USB Voice & Packet
2.374 USB Voice & Packet
4.466 USB Voice & Packet
4.469 USB Voice & Packet
4.506 USB Voice & Packet
4.509 USB Voice & Packet
4.582 National Calling Freq / Mid East & Pacific Alt.
4.585 USB Voice & Packet
4.601 USB Voice & Packet
4.604 USB Voice & Packet
4.627 USB Voice & Packet
4.630 USB Voice & Packet
7.341 Packet
7.635 National Calling Freq (USB Voice and Packet)
7.920 USB Voice & Packet
14.902 USB Voice & Packet
18.205 USB Voice & Packet
20.873 USB Voice & Packet
26.617 USB Voice & Packet
26.620 Task Force Area Communications(AM/USB Voice & Packet)
121.600 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.650 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.700 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.750 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.775 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training (Open Use)
121.800 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.850 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
121.900 Pactice Rescue Beach Beacon Training
122.900 AM Voice Communications
123.100 AM Voice Communications
143.750 Simplex(carrier squelch / non-interference) Inputs 148.125
143.900 Simplex(carrier squelch / non-interference) Inputs 148.150
148.125 F2 (100.0) / Repeaters (Repeats 143.750)
148.1375 F3 (100.0) / Ground Tactical Simplex
148.150 F1 (100.0) / Repeaters (Repeats 143.900)
149.5375 F4 (100.0)
149.5375 Air to Ground and Air to Air Simplex
149.895 Digital Networks (Packet)
149.925 Digital Networks (Packet)


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